As cliché as this may sound, “Welcome to the club!” is the simplest way to describe what induction is in the workplace.

Induction involves the process of introducing new employees to the company processes and practices to enable them to prepare for their new responsibility. 

Before now, inductions were conducted mostly on a face-to-face approach and to date it’s still being widely practiced that way.

The traditional workplace induction process can be quite overwhelming because it occurs all at once thereby resulting in information overload and this can hinder the effective understanding of the inner workings of a company. 

Lately, online induction has become a growing phenomenon in the recruitment process owing to cheaper, easier, and more flexible ways of conducting inductions.

Let’s look at some of the key advantages of conducting online induction for employees.

  • Decreased operation costs – By shifting inductions online, organizations can save on huge resources associated with training such as space (no need for a training room), trainers, and also the materials required for the training. The online solution will guide employees through the induction process without the need for additional trainers.
  • Full content control – The online induction platform enables employers to create and modify induction content and deliver the induction process however they want. In fact, they can publish the course in any format they wish (SMS and email) and also set notifications and expiry dates for the training.
  • Continuous use/ Recorded training – There is no limit to how many times an induction course can be used once it has been created. Simply put, It can be recycled over and over again just by repeating previously recorded training.
  • Consistency – It has always been a common problem that traditional induction can be inconsistent especially with regards to the messages being passed across to the learners.  This is because the level of assimilation of training frequently relies on the tone and the relevant experience of the trainer, particularly where there is more than one person responsible for conducting the training session.  Delivering inductions online, however, can guarantee that every trainee will receive exactly the same information every time and also a consistent training experience regardless of when or where their induction is held.
  • Flexible Self-paced Learning – Online inductions allows trainees to work through the course content at their own pace. They can leave and return to the course for as long as they need to complete the training.  What makes this possible is the fact that online training has around-the-clock accessibility which enables employees to complete their training conveniently from any location and on any device.
  • Easy assessment of inductees – When induction training is carried out online, the facilitator has the ability not only to test the inductees’ knowledge but also ensure that the learners repeat important areas before the course can be said to be completed.

It is worthy to note that online Inductions for new employees are advantageous in many ways. 

For the employer, it’s cost-effective, it saves time, it is convenient and also increases productivity while for the trainee, it’s flexible, easily accessible, and overall convenient.

Generally, we can conclude that the convenience attached to online induction cannot be overemphasized.