Do you know that great employee onboarding can improve employee retention by 82% and productivity by over 70%? After the long recruitment process, you find the best candidate for the job and they accept your offer, 

“Phew..! It’s all over”, you sigh.

Not so fast…

Beyond what you think could be the last of this tedious hiring process, comes a more challenging task ahead with regards to getting the new employees settled in – Onboarding!

Also referred to as organization entry, Onboarding is the process that companies use to familiarize a new employee into the culture and work ethics of an organization.

Without implementing proper standards and procedures and the workability of these procedures, your business is at risk of being unable to solve internal issues and not conforming to uniformity. You also put your new worker in an awkward position by not knowing the proper protocol involved in carrying out responsibilities.

Let’s dive into some of the ways you can strengthen your employee onboarding system:

Have a layout of your onboarding plan – You may think you know all the steps you want to follow but you are likely to be inconsistent about it if you don’t write it down.

The first step to successfully onboarding new workers starts when you sit down and pen down your onboarding plan.

The Onboarding plan should be broken down into a series of activities for the day, week, and month(s) that the whole process is expected to cover. 

Make your new team feel welcomed – This must have been included in your onboarding plan above. It requires managers to go out of their way to use small gestures such as hand-written notes and company swags to make new employees feel welcome on their first day.

This goes a long way in fostering connection and  this improves communication which bridges the feedback divider of any organization. Better communication will help employees maximize their productivity.  

It could be just by a simple, “How’s it going?” or “Need any help?’

Welcome kits such as office supplies, t-shirts, name-tags, or welcome notes also show the employees that their presence is much anticipated and this gives them an instant sense of belonging.

Increased motivation leads to increased productivity.

Automate the Training – To make it more flexible, find a cloud-based online training system that enables mobile access.

There’s a huge advantage to software that promotes employee bonding, so you want to make social media a feature in your software because studies have shown that collaborative learning experiences far outweigh individual studies. 

Look for software that includes video because videos have been shown to enhance retention while learning plus it’s more interesting and stimulating.

So there you go basic tips to make your onboarding process more interesting for new employees and also more efficient for the whole team. 

In addition, have a timely review of employees’ performance and give constructive criticisms based on the evaluation. Always ask for feedback from the new hire(s).

Consider organizing retreats (away from the office) to help the new staff bond with the team.

An effective employee onboarding system can truly facilitate in honing the strength of a new hire to maximum capacity.